Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thirsty Thursday: Dirt Made My Lunch

"Soil is not dirt." This what my soil science professor told us on the first day of class...and how Fred Kirschenmann began his TEDx talk. Soil is the foundation of agriculture. Soil fertility dictates the health of crops, their nutrient content and flavor. Soil structure and composition impact the ability for soil to retain moisture, filtrate water, and avoid runoff and soil erosion. Soil problems are water problems. So what do we need to quench agriculture's great thirst (among other things)? Healthy soils, to say the least.

On Sunday I watched the premier of the documentary mentioned in this video, Symphony of the Soil, which illustrated the importance of soil to our food system and the intricate beauty of soil.

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The Queens Table said...

Thanks for posting this Ted Talk. I really enjoyed it! We just set up our composter and I am really excited to see what we make this year!