Friday, March 30, 2012

Fifty Second Friday: Healthy Vegan

As you know, I bake a lot. And, generally, the products taste pretty good. While my co-workers and friends will readily consume almost anything I make, there is still the commonly-held misconception that vegan desserts are inherently healthy. I am not sure how chocolate truffle pie, mocha chocolate chip cookies, or chocolate truffles could ever be mistaken for a health food, but when you say no butter or cream, that's what happens. Let me assure you, those peanut butter cookies still have plenty of fat and calories; that cupcake you scarfed down? Yeah, the frosting was made with margarine, or coconut oil, or perhaps even just straight-up melted chocolate! To get the same richness and decadence of some of the non-vegan desserts, I use some calorie-dense ingredients like coconut, nuts, and avocado. Not to mention, most everything still has sugar (and probably lots of chocolate).

We get it, Rachel, "vegan dessert" does not necessarily imply crunchy granola, flax-infused, superfood. Yet, alternative baking in general does get the critical thinking juices flowing, and often induces a little more creativity in some of the less healthy ingredients. Dessert can be good for you, too.

Banana Carob Pudding
1 banana (not too ripe)
1/4 cup carob powder
10 drops cocoa stevia or 1-2 tbs agave
2 tsp peanut butter

1. Food process until smooth. Yes. That's it. Enjoy!

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