Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Big Apple Intermission

Indian Plate at Candle Cafe
We interrupt the regularly scheduled programming (meaning, nothing on Saturday...) for a special holiday intermission. To those who celebrate, Merry Christmas. To those who don't...well, enjoy the fact that so many other people do and go see a movie! Or take this opportunity and read my quick recap on my jaunt to New York City. I have to admit, vegan restaurants were one of the primary foci of the trip.

Tuesday afternoon my bus arrived on time and without a hitch (a feat for Megabus). I hate to admit this, but dinner that night may have been my favorite meal of the trip, even though I literally grabbed a sandwich from Gobo. It was a grilled soy cutlet with cashew spread, sun dried tomatoes, onions with white bean soup on the side. While I didn't eat in, the atmosphere in the Upper East Side establishment was very nice and the sandwich was really tasty!
See, non-vegans like it too!

Terri, a vegan sandwich shop and juice bar provided a quick grab-n-go lunch on Wednesday and Friday, but I wasn't overly thrilled. The cashew basil pesto on the marinated portobello, zucchini, mixed pepper, and red onion on gluten-free bread didn't suit my tastes. The Thai chicken wrap was much better, but not enough to keep me coming back (although the peanut butter cookie might be...).

On Wednesday evening, my friend JY and I tried out Candle Cafe. We ordered garlic focaccia (mmm); Toscana lasagna, and the daily special Indian plate - eggplant-seitan curry, yellow split pea dal, yellow basmati rice, date-raisin chutney, cabbage salad and parata bread. Surprisingly, for all its hype, none of it was earth-shattering. But perhaps that was just me, seeing as JY went on record saying, "I could eat here every meal, every day!"

Regardless, there was some tasty food to be had, amidst treking around the big city. My only food regrets are missing out on Lula's Sweet Apothecary (and the best vegan ice cream ever!) and Cocoa V being closed when I went! Now, back to my gluten-free, sugar-free existence...

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