Friday, June 14, 2013

Fifty Second Friday: Much Ado About Kohlrabi

Over the past few years, I've witnessed market-goers scouring stalls for that latest fad produce item. Two years ago the Washington Post kindled a fire around pawpaws. Not sure what incited the madness, but fresh ginger was all the rage last Fall. Everyone had to try Honeycrisp apples a few years back, and there have been Chiogga beets and Delicata squashes. But what I've see in the past week or so has made me feel a little ahead of the times...

Kohlrabi, a root vegetable I first wrote about back in 2010, has surfaced on blogs, in the newspaper, and particularly in my weekly farmers market newsletter. I enjoyed reading about a first experience using the funny-shaped veggie on Choosing Raw. This week's Mount Pleasant Farmers Market newsletter pointed me to (slightly older) articles on what to do with this strange brassica. And, who knows, I may come home with one or two on Sunday. So if you haven't tried this crunchy cabbage-relative, then make sure to look for it at your local market!

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