Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year's Resolution

That is the last of photos like this you will see for a while (why can I not keep a straight face?) ... as of January 1, 2011, I am officially putting myself on a quasi-gluten-free and strict no refined-grains (ie. no wheat flour) vegan diet. Why, you ask, am I complicating my baking life? Health (and hopefully happiness) is my response - I will leave it at that.

2010 went out with a bang - literally. Signore Pepi Roni was shot in the back! Well, at least he was in the murder mystery party I held on Thursday evening. Besides the good laughs, the pointed accusations, and sinister suspicions that pervaded the evening, we also ate quite heartily and in true Italian style.
A lovely loaf of ciabatta (Peter Reinhardt's The Bread Baker's Apprentice).
Fusilli con pesto (no parm or pignoli, walnuts!). But now, no more pasta and bread.
Granted, my diet won't consist solely of balsamic dressed salads. Dessert marked the transition - consisting of berries and these delightful Coconut Dreams by the Spunky Coconut! (rice flour substitute for coconut flour and more coconut oil for the ghee). Gluten-free and vegan. Diet, Dessert and Dogs will also be one of my staple go-to's. So, stay tuned. See how I fare this time around and whether the new diet makes me feel any better :)


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