Saturday, July 31, 2010


I suppose life is a process. You are constantly evaluating your circumstances, facing different challenges, and trying new things on for size. Well, at the moment I am trying a new place on for size. Yesterday, my one-way flight landed in Washington, DC ... and I say one-way, because it is unclear where I will be come October. This is exciting, because I will be working for an organization that is super-cool, living in a new city (and not at home), and hanging out with friends I have not seen in a couple of years.

That said, picking up and moving, especially without a long-term plan, is stressful and requires a period of adjustment. Besides finding a place to live and a decent bike, I have to completely redevelop my food network! And while I now have an over-abundance of restaurants to try (which, unfortunately, requires a slightly more robust pay-check), I also feel lost without weekly farm interaction and the associated super-fresh produce!

Maybe it is fortuitous that the coming week of August 1st-7th (yes, it's August, stay calm) isNational Farmer's Market Week. And with 22 farmers markets in the greater DC area, I can only hope to find one that suits. So, while Ms. Powell on Grist recommends trying something new and exciting in celebration, I will devote my first week in the city to trying to find my farmers market(s). My new favorite tool is Washington Post's farmers market finder, butLocalharvest is an amazing resource for finding farms and markets in your area.

My Plan:
Sunday - Dupont Circle (9-1pm; notorious for being on the more expensive side, but a very fun market) ... well, I actually went to Eastern Market (7-5pm), which was awesome!!!
Tuesday - New Morning Farmers Market (4-8pm) up near Van Ness
Wednesday - Clarendon (2-7pm), Foggy Bottom (3-7pm), or Georgetown (3-7pm) ... hopefully I will have a bike by then...
Thursday - Penn Quarter (3-7pm)
Saturday - There are a couple that look interesting, so I'll have to make a decision...Eastern Market (7-4pm), Adam's Morgan (8-1pm; my haunt two summers ago), Woodley Place/Cathedral Ave (8:30-12:30pm)

Sorry, no pictures. More adventures to come once I am more settled and life calms down!


living_insanity said...

I live in the DC area :) My husband loves the dragons breath cheese from the Dupont Circle market. Sorry I'm a day late recommending it!

Mikki said...

How exciting!!! Your in DC. New city, new life, new beginnings. Drink it in. Here is the link to the article I was talking about. Goes prefect with your life right now.

Enjoy DC...

Texan living in Seattle

jkim5154 said...

Yay for new adventures and new farmers markets!