Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Tasty Teaser

While I will save the profound statements and elegant speech (slight exaggeration) for another night, I wanted to squeeze in a word or two on my most recent baking expedition. I have been working on a not-so-traditional carrot cake recipe for the past month. Ok, I’ve been THINKING about a carrot cake for the past month and recently actually put it to the test. It is now venturing out into the wide world, making its inelegant debut tomorrow at a Memorial Day BBQ, and competing in the Gold Medal Flour Scratch Baking contest.

As such, I will wait to share the recipe for my creation until I know the outcome of this competition. I so wish my presentation skills had been up to snuff tonight (and my coconut cream a little more solid) so that my photos would tantalize and excite you, my readers. Alas, these humble images are but a sorry representation of this decadent dessert. Filled with pistachios, golden raisins, and plenty of carrots, this cardamom-kissed cake definitely delivered.

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