Saturday, November 24, 2012

Best of MMM: Ode to a Bike Basket

I love this post. It is the story of every Sunday after working a 6-hour shift at the farmers market. For those who know me, you can attest to the fact that I am not a large person. And yet, every weekend I seem to carry back my weight in produce. Thanks to my beautiful bike (I really should name it...), this is actually feasible.
Ode* to a Bike Basket

It had only been half of the day,
but post-market there seems like no way,
to get myself up the hill,
with no frightful bike spill,
and my produce still fit for display.

With six pounds of ripe peachy loot,
and another of tomatoes to boot,
some eggplant and greens,
squash, taters, and beans,
carrying it's quite a pursuit!

So how did I get home, you ask?
The answer I will gladly unmask.
For lo and behold,
a bike basket so bold,
Stepped up and completed the task.

Though my balance was off quite a bit,
and my bags from the day barely fit,
the basket stacked high,
in attempt to defy,
the gravity acting on it.

So now you see how essential this crate
is for my ability to haul market freight.
Bring it home without loss,
to make dinner and sauce,
no denying that it must be fate!

Much thanks to my spectacular bike basket for delivering me, and my bounty of veggies, fruits, and canning jars, to my apartment safely and in one piece. It is truly a wonder how much stuff fits into one of these baskets, and I can't count the number of times it has saved me from certain failure. This is for you, bike basket. May you see many more miles ahead of you!

*I am aware that this is in fact limerick metre, but that's just how I roll...

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