Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My Munchable Soapbox: Why Politics Matter

I may be writing this blog while watching the debate, and so feeling a bit incensed by some comments from a certain candidate, particularly those related to the environment. But that's not really the issue I want to discuss. Let's take a moment (because this is going to be a short post) to consider why politics matters beyond our borders.

Yes, unemployment and the economy are important. Thank you both for discussing these issues at length. Yes, gender issues, immigration, and education are all crucial. But we are also a leader in international policy and action. How we approach foreign assistance and efforts to end poverty, hunger, and solve environmental (including climate change-induced) disasters, matters on a global scale.
Andy Hall/Oxfam
A colleague passed on this Al Jazeera piece of Photos for World Food Day. To say the least, these photos are worth 1,000 words. Last year, our dysfunctional congress proposed cuts to our aid budget. While there are plenty of inefficiencies within development organizations, and probably better or more effective ways to achieve desired outcomes, it is still critical that we as a country place ourselves in a position of leadership in this area. Money speaks. And I remain unconvinced that the current congressional leanings, and a president in those party lines, will make such a move a priority.

OK. Done with my soapboxing for the week. Looking forward to some food :)

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