Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Food News: Sandy on the Farm

As most of you know, the mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States is in the midst of a tropical storm. In Washington, DC we've had heavy rains and increasingly strong winds all day, while Delaware, New York, and New Jersey are all experiencing flooding and storm surges. And while farmers in the region face all the same threats as the rest of inhabitants - flooding and gusts - there actually could be some positive side effects from this particular storm. After a drought-ridden summer, the soils in the middle of the country are still very thirsty. This period of heavy rainfall may help to recharge some of the soil moisture in the eastern parts of the corn belt. However, there will need to be much more prolonged precipitation and good snows this year to allow water to penetrate deep into the ground. Regardless, right now all we can do is sit tight and see how Mother Nature will play this hand.

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