Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Food News: The Happiest Place

 Photo Credit: James L. Stanfield/National Geographic/Getty Images
Recently, I came across this Kick Starter page for a documentary film on Bhutan. Sweet, I thought, the happiest place. Little did I know that this country so renowned for being supremely happy (the country to institute a measure of 'Gross National Happiness'), also cares about the environment. Yes, that's right, the government of Bhutan is looking to transition all domestic agriculture to organic production methods by the year 2022. Ok, so maybe they already have a pretty good track record on this front - considering the income levels, it is difficult for farmers to afford chemical fertilizers and pest controls anyway. But it's more than that. An entire country makes a strong statement by setting a precedent for counter-conventional agriculture. Suddenly, it becomes something beyond a fringe idea, elevates it into a broader global conversation about the trajectory of agricultural development. Maybe we can take some lessons away from this small Himalayan nation, in which people lead simple, happy, and soon pesticide-free lives.

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