Thursday, January 26, 2012

Thirsty Thursdays: Water World

Woah, what happened? Just last week, Thursdays were only Thirty Seconds! Well, because of the Daring Bakers reveal date, I had to swap my usual Thursday and Friday themes. That said, I have to admit I kind of like the ring of this one. It has the fun connotation of a post-work happy hour, while playing on the idea of a thirst for knowledge. My non-recipe posts tend to have less traffic, and therefore I am a bit skeptical about having the middle of my weekly postings be these more substantive ones. However, I am open to suggestions and to giving this a shot.

In the spirit of this inaugural Thirsty Thursday, let's visualize how our daily decisions would fare at the bar counter. About 70% of the Earth's surface is composed of water, of which only around 4% is freshwater, and less than 1% is freely available for the biota. 70% of all water consumption by humans goes to agriculture. But the amount each of us uses is dictated by every step along the production of chain of our food items - growing, processing, packaging, transportation. Below are two examples of the water "footprints" for common products.
How much water do you use? Where can you reduce your food-water footprint?

Blog Action Day 2010 focused on water - read more about it here!

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