Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Vegan Month of Food

It's October 2nd. Yes, you heard me correctly. We have completed three quarters of the year 2011. Not to dwell upon the obvious, but that just astonishes me. Well, another astonishing little tidbit, is that the Vegan Month of Food (MoFo) has already rolled around again. The idea is to post once per weekday for the entire month. Like last year, I've given themes and my month-long plan a little thought, but have failed to pre-generate the content I had hoped for. However, below is my current plan for the month:
  • Mondays: Cookbook of the Week - my culinary library has been feeling neglected as of late, what with the wealth of online recipes and a busy schedule. However, I've dusted off a couple to try out some new recipes.
  • Tuesdays: Off the Grocery Shelves - it's a vast world of edible plants, so let's look at something you wouldn't necessarily find at your local supermarket.
  • Wednesdays: My Munchable Soapbox - there is always something going on in the vast planet related to food. I'll pick out some interesting news bits and provide a little food for thought.
  • Thursdays: Thirty Second Thursdays - quick tips for makers and eaters
  • Fridays: Fast Fact Fridays - yeah, that sums it up.
Stay tuned to see how the month pans out. Hopefully, I'll find time to sleep!

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