Saturday, July 23, 2011

Heat Wave

As some of you may have noticed, it has been rather warm lately. In fact, all sorts of records in the country are being set for high temperatures. Aptly termed "heat waves" are responsible for hundreds of deaths per year, not to mention that unpleasantly persistent sticky feeling that won't go away. The high of 104F/40C in Washington, DC (not to mention the current 10:30pm temperature of 90F!) is no exception from this trend.
And yet, somehow, Seattle escapes the madness. In fact, it's the best weather they've had all year!

This so-called "heat bubble" has also been linked to the rise in energy consumption from running the aircon and probably draw of water resources. As one unfamiliar with this thing called an AC, and who can't afford it anyhow, I am trying to limit its use. So, instead of cooking up some grub for dinner, I just sliced some tomatoes and cukes, whizzed a little basil in the blender for some pesto, and slathered it all on some bread for a no-bake meal!
The interesting thing about high temperatures, is that we talk a lot about their negative impacts. Humans experience heat-related ailments and deaths; livestock suffer the same fate; but with plants we have more flexibility. No, broccoli will probably not enjoy the hot weather, but if you grow tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, squash and other thermophillic crops, this is top-notch weather! A little extra irrigation might be necessary to save newly-planted fall crops, but this points towards the necessity of adapting one's growing to conditions.
Stay tuned to weigh in on what to eat when it's too hot to cook (*gasp*)

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