Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dare to Bake: Edible Containers

Maple tofu mousse in a walnut tartlet shell

I know, I am squeaking by with this month's Daring Bakers Challenge. Actually, all of these goodies were made prior to Passover, so I was really on top of my game! This post is really going to just be pictures, but if you want any of my "recipes", I'd be more than happy to share...

Tahini mousse with brandied figs in a cornmeal crust

The April 2011 Daring Bakers’ challenge was hosted by Evelyne of the blog Cheap Ethnic Eatz. Evelyne chose to challenge everyone to make a maple mousse in an edible container. Prizes are being awarded to the most creative edible container and filling, so vote on your favorite from April 27th to May 27th at!

Carrot coconut mousse in a baked apple heart


Victoria said...

I love the tahini mousse!

Sandie Lee said...

I know this was amaple challenge, but I really the sound sound of the tahini mousse!

Sarah said...

I just found your blog; I think it was through comments on another blog, but I read so many, and click so many links for other blogs, that I can't remember where I find anything anymore! Haha!

Anyway. These are awesome. Bookmark worthy. :)