Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One Short Day in the Big Apple

On the Highline, I contemplate picking what appeared to be juniper berries...

I apologize for neglecting you, my dear readers, this busy season has left little time for my lovely little blog. However, I will be heading back to the west coast for a week on Thursday, and will get back into the swing of things again. Next week, we will return to regularly scheduled programming of Produce of the Week, but for now, let me give a quick rundown of my Saturday in New York City.

This short excursion was all about food and Broadway. The day began with a jaunt over to the Highline - an elevated rail track converted into a park! My friend and I wandered over to the lower west side for lunch at a lovely vegan cafe, Sacred Chow. The tempeh sweet potato hash and tofu spanish omelette were both marvelous! Then we booked it up north the catch the matinee of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson ... interesting, good music, but not really my type of musical theatre.

After that busy morning, my friend decided she needed to take a study break. So, we parted ways for a bit and, on the very strong suggestion of a vegan friend, I meandered down to Lula's Sweet Apothecary. Wow, that is some amazing ice cream! While we all know what a chocaholic I am, butter pecan won me over this time (not your typical vegan fare). As long as I was on the lower eastside, I popped over to Babycakes, the well-known vegan, gluten-free bakery. Sadly, my friend and I were sorely disappointed by the over-priced, dry pumpkin cupcake were shared later that evening...
Four Santas are better than one! Luckily, with the Santacon going on, there was a plethora of Santas wandering around the city!

...which brings me to the conclusion of my day in the Big Apple. In a pinch, my friend and I hit up a vegetarian fast food place, Otarian, for a quick bite before our evening show. The Indian chutney burger was rather tasty, but on the whole the place was a bit of a disappointment. That said, A Little Night Music (with Bernadette Peters!!!) was lovely and an excellent way to end my jam-packed day. Looking forward to returning to the city, but in the meantime, it is time to get some shuteye!

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