Sunday, April 11, 2010

Produce of the Week: Wood Sorrel

While St. Patrick's Day may be long past, that should not prevent you from enjoying the shamrocks a bit longer! In fact, I picked up a bit of this wild wood sorrel from Foraged and Found at the U-District farmer's market. Trying to be a bit more adventurous, it was love at first taste. The lemony little herb derives its tartness from oxalyc acid (for which it is named) and adds a refreshing zing to dishes.

Gazing at the small, but delightful selection of foraged mushrooms and greens, this deep sense of longing comes over me, to scour the backwoods and go rifling through the leaf litter. The desire to learn wild edible plant identification (and hunting grounds) is sometimes overwhelming, as is my disappointment that I have done nothing to increase my knowledge. But for now I will content myself with tending the garlic and sprouting arugula in my own backyard.

Sorrel isn't the type of ingredient one uses in "cooking." It's quite lovely raw - I made a refreshing salad with it.
Shamrock Salad:

Fresh wood sorrel - careful, it's very delicate
Sliced apple (crunchy and sweet)
Broken walnut pieces
Drizzle of olive oil

Toss, enjoy!

It also makes a nice pesto, a nice infusion, as well as other good uses! Wood sorrel is worth seeking out ... and if you know of any other recipes that employ this herb, I'd be glad to hear of it!

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