Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is Here!

...and happy belated St. Patrick's Day and Macaron Day! Oh, gloriousness! It was like half of the residents in Puget Sound were out biking, walking, or roller blading today amidst the blooms of cherry blossoms and croaking frogs!

I am too tired to write, but too excited not to post that I finally have achieved the elusive 'feet' on macarons - for the second time! While not by any stretch of the imagination vegan, these little gems are made from the eggs I purchased at the farmer's market from the goat lady. I do believe that supporting more humane and ecologically-sound raising of animals (like the ones I find at the U-District FM), is critical to creating an overall sustainable food system.
After several attempts and failures, I finally succeeded in obtaining feet on chocolate macarons. I used Syrup and Tang's proportions and followed much of the great advice from Audax Artifex and Eat4Fun. The clinchers were aging the egg whites, letting them form a skin before baking, and stacking the pans.
Then, in a wave a springtime inspiration, I made pastel pink and green macarons a few days ago. The pink contained ground up dehydrated strawberries and a vanilla filling. The green took their color from this wheat grass/chlorella powder I had - which gave them a bit of an interesting earthy flavor that grew on me - and I filled them with an Irish Whiskey spiked dark chocolate ganache. The combination was actually pretty fantastic! Plus, they had a good dose of antioxidants from the chocolate and greenery.

Sleep ... I'll try to be more substantive in my next post.

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