Saturday, January 16, 2010

So I've been on this planet for 23 1/2 years today ... and some things never change. Applesauce and Cheerios remain one of my favorite snacks - although I try to cut out big industry processed foods. My mom likes to remind me that I used to eat this by the bucketfuls when I was three years old. Well, I have grown up a bit since then, and now I make my own scrumptious applesauce from the ripe Washington Braeburn and Fuji apples at the U-District Farmer's Market. Far better than anything you would find in the grocery aisles.
One of my favorite tools - the immersion blender - purees stewed apples to perfection.
The finished product - now I just need my own label...

Unlike when I was three, I am a little more conscious of what I eat. After a holiday season (you know - from October thru December) of more "bad" foods than I care to admit, my body is feeling the effects of those months since returning from Europe. Having battled this metabolic lethargy for the past couple years (that seemed to coincide with my Chronic Fatigue Syndrome onset), I really have to pay more attention to eating the fresh, less-refined, lower-sugar foods (le sigh) that keep my energy up and my body healthy (+ fit and trim). As I have readjusted to my Seattle-Suburban life, I feel a new sense of urgency in designing well-balanced healthy meals ... starting with this delectable vegan corn chowder! Using a recipe from Vegan with a Vengeance as a base, I skipped all things pepper, used one parsnip in lieu of one of the potatoes, added Soy Delicious' new unsweetened coconut milk instead of soy, and would recommend leaving out or reducing the lime to maintain the strong corn flavor. It was really tasty and made enough for a few days. I'll be sure to include more of these veggie heavy concoctions in future posts.
With all that said, baking is still my guilty pleasure ... and as I am still unemployed, I spend far too much time doing it! My latest venture was a vegan palmier using Earth Balance instead of butter for the puff pastry (though I really dislike these butter subs with all their added ingredients, but oil just doesn't work in pastry). Cannelle et Vanille provided the inspiration and the base recipe. Tasty tasty...
Unfortunately, I have procrastinated long enough from working on my job search. So, as the French and palmier-eating-pastry-lovers say: A la prochaine fois!

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