Saturday, October 17, 2009

How to eat cheese...

The fruits of my labors - five little mozzarella balls from 6 cups of milk!
Deliciously creamy, the ricotta made from the whey made an excellent hor d'euvre topping a (single) cracker with fireberry jelly...

...simple answer: make it yourself! When I decided to go back to dairy, I swore that I would only consume milk that came from local, pasture-raised cows. Well, while there are some local cheese-makers, there is definitely something more rewarding about doing something yourself. So, this evening I decided to attempt it...with relative success!

My childhood favorite ice cream place, Theno's Dairy - whose land became too pricey to keep a herd - happens to sell milk from Golden Glen Creamery - one of the few local dairies with accessible milk. On the way home from Yoga, I picked up a bottle of skim and half-and-half to try out my little experiment. I followed these simple instructions as far as I do any recipe - with a very large grain of salt and much improvisation.

What a phenomenal sense of accomplishment, not to mentioned satisfied taste buds, after culinary delight. I highly recommend trying this out some time, even if you don't plan on being the sole producer of your cheesy comestibles. You will need vegetarian rennet and citric acid - difficult to find except online or at a few specialty stores, like Cellar Homebrew in Ballard, WA! Have fun!

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